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WH Advisor Navarro: Plan to have Chinese negotiators come to US – CNBC

In a CNBC interview late-Friday, the White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro made the following key comments on the US-China trade conflict, China’s currency devaluation and Fed’s interest rate policy.

Bullish on US economy, stock market.

Serious structural issues with China.

Pres. Trump is taking a very strong stance with China.

China is clearly manipulating its currency.

Key for markets in the short-term is how fast Fed cuts rates.

Doesn’t want China to devalue the currency, but says ‘they will’.

Plan To have Chinese negotiators come to the US.

With the US still expecting the next round of China trade talks, the risk sentiment could get a slight lift in Monday’s Asian trading. But markets will continue weighing in the latest trade-negative comments from the US President Trump tweeted out on Friday.